October 2008

Streak for cash

     The other day one of my buddies told me about this fun game on espn.com to play.  What you do is you pick who’s going to win on certain games, or who will have more points or stuff like that.  You try and get 25 picks right in a row and you get a million dollars, plus the person with the most wins per month gets 2,500 dollars.  This game has really consumed a huge part of my life the last couple days and I really dont see that changing anytime soon.  One reason is, I mean anyone has a good and fair chance to win that million dollars, 2) its free so its not betting but it has a betting feel i guess. 3) it is really fun because it makes you feel great when you get a streak going and your heart rate will get going once you get a pretty good streak going because you can start seeing that million dollars.  So go ahead put your sports knowledge to the test and start your streak today.      Click here >Streak For Cash

 Hope you all have fun and I hope you win the million.  If i dont first : )

Weekend fun

   Hello Everyone.

    Well, its been about a week since my last post and just wanted to write about some of the things that have happened.  Well, first off this last weekend I went to the Ohio State VS Penn State game at the Horseshoe in Columbus,man was this a crazy game.  The day started at about 10 AM where Me My Fiance and her friend Danielle and her boyfriend Ross started to get ready for the game,( which started at 8 PM) So we were in for a very long day to say the least.  So after we all got ready we went over to a friends house for a little BBQ till the game started.  By the way there is nothing better then to hangout with your friends while watching some sports and eating some nice BBQ foods.
    At about 5:45 we started to head closer to the field to meet up with some other friends.  Let me tell you one thing that you might not know already,Ohio State has very good fans,they  stick up for there teams at any cost they would fight for them and I know thats true cause I have seen it.  This is also coming from a USC ( Southern California ) fan,yes I know what you are thinking Bally’s a bandwagon fan well your wrong.  I grew up a huge USC fan because my best friend growing up Troy Fleck had a grandfather who was the head coach so I was able to go to a bunch of games with his family and let me tell you they were horrible at the time.  So anyway back to Ohio State,walking the streets getting to the game was very fun because surprisingly there was a bunch of Penn State fans.  So every house was yelling O-H-I-O as the Penn State fans walked by dancing to their school song so it was an event just walking to the stadium.
   So once we finally got to the stadium we were about ready for the game to start,watched the band come out and then the players come out.  The game started and was close right out of the gates both of the teams played really well,this was probably the best football game I have ever been to.  It came down to the wire and Penn State ended up winning 13-6.  I really wanted Ohio State to win so that USC could get higher in the rankings but oh well.  So all and all this weekend was a lot of fun and im sure ill have a bunch more stories this weekend because we are going up to Toledo Ohio to visit my Fiances Brother,and of course its Halloween,I am going to be a Lumberjack so it should be fun.

Ross, Danielle, Me, Ashley and Pete

Random Funny Videos

 Hello Again,

     These are some of the funny things I like to do on my spare time I hope you enjoy.
     Let me know what you guys think 

Bally Time

Hello Everyone,

     Well it’s the offseason now, and I have a lot of things to accomplish.  One of the new things is what you are reading right now, this is my first blog ever and I am excited to let you in on things that are happening in my life.  This will also be my first offseason away from my hometown of Huntington Beach, California.  I will be staying in Columbus, Ohio and I am sure everyone wants to know how a guy from Surf City USA ended up in Ohio.  Well there are 2 reasons:  1)The main reason is I am a newly engaged man and want to be with my fiancé, (because traveling from California to Columbus every 2 weeks was prettyy tough last offseason).  2)The other reason is that I have a personal trainer, Nate, here in Columbus.  He also worked with the Columbus Clippers part time and has a couple sweet workout facilities in town and he is going to get me jacked and ready for spring training
      Something I am not looking forward to is being in the bitter cold weather everyday.  I do however remember the first time I did see the snow and I bet everyone has the same story for that.  It was actually last offseason in Columbus: I remember looking at the weather and seeing it might be the first day for snow… Ok I’m going to paint a picture for you because I want you all to see that im just another goofy guy from CA.  So I’m watching Tv with the window blinds wide open, because im waiting for snow of course, and there’s no sign of it.  So I am about to fall asleep watching a movie (at 3 AM mind you) as I see a weird gloss on the streets. I run out of the room and scream, “IT’S SNOWING!!!!!! IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!” as all my girlfriend’s roommates look at me like im a freak because being from Ohio i guess its normal to see snow, but for me it was brand new.  So here goes the funny part I am so excited to go outside that I put on my coat with no shirt on under it, 2 different shoes on with no socks, and shorts.Thumbnail image for Snow
Well anyways im excited to keep writing on here take care and I hope you enjoyed