January 2009

Syracuse Hot Stove & Jersey Retirement

Syracuse, New York (-12 degrees Fahrenheit, wintry mix)

DSCN0931.JPGA couple weeks ago I went to Syracuse for a little Hot Stove Dinner to kick off the union of the Nationals with the Chiefs.  I never new that it could really get colder than it was in Columbus.  The team was nice enough to let my fiancee come along, so once we got to the airport they had one of their interns there waiting to pick us up.  And you know, we started some small talk like regular humans, and they started telling me what the plans were for the day.  Let me inform you that all I thought I was doing was going to the dinner to meet the fans.  But they had a different itinerary in mind.  The intern said I had a photo shoot and an interview lined up beginning in an hour.  (There goes the relaxing afternoon I had planned, haha).  So I went to the photo shoot at a local photographer.  It was a photo shoot for Time Warner Cable and they had a Syracuse Chiefs jersey and hat for me to wear.  They took about 15-20 shots that are actually going to be used for billboards around town and other media pamphlets, so I thought that was really cool.  After that, we went over to the radio station to do some radio commercial for Time Warner.  The local Time Warner is trying to focus on “local celebrities” like the minor league hockey team there and also Carmello Anthony, since he went to Syracuse in college.  They gave me 4 full sheets to read for radio ads.  As you can imagine, this took me a while, about an hour and a half to be exact, I’m not the best reader, haha. 

Now once all of this was done we had about an hour to go back to the room, get a bite to eat, and get ready for the dinner.  Now you might be thinking, “An hour?  That’s plenty of time to do that!”  And I would also agree that is ample enough time… but you all are forgetting that I have my loving fiancee with me, and she is not too keen on the idea of fitting all her primping into a mere 60 minutes.  Needless to say, we get ready (running only 15 minutes behind) and get to the Holiday Inn where the dinner and silent auction is taking place.  I will just say this: I really think that the Syracuse Chiefs did a great job with everything the whole night.  Everything was set up very nicely and they treated everyone with the Nationals with great respect.  So I got to talk with the fans and take pictures and sign autographs which was fun.  I never new that the Chiefs had so much history and that the fans were so good and loyal towards the Chiefs and I really liked that.


Now mind you, I think that my duties are now over for the day and I can sit back, relax and enjoy my chicken and potatoes while listening to all the other important people take their turn speaking at the podium in the center of the head stage, surely thinking I would not be summoned upon to speak.  Can you see where this is going?  Shortly after I began to dig into my cookies n’ creme sundae, the emcee came up to me and asked if I would ‘say a lil somethin’? I told him that I didn’t really have anything planned out and would rather answer some questions than deliver a speech from the heart.  I mean there was over 400 people there and that’s a tough crowd, especially when 95% of them have never heard of you (haha).  So all throughout dessert I’m waiting for the time at which they will call my name to speak, and finally it came.  I get up to the podium with sweaty palms and a blank mind but winged it anyway and I actually thought I did pretty well!  Anyone that was there that reads this please tell me how I did haha.  I said something along the lines of the weather (can never go wrong with that) and how I was happy to be there but hoped to never return!  All in all, I was really impressed with the entire trip to Syracuse and really enjoyed myself.  Go Chiefs!
Huntington Beach, California (70 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny)
Last weekend, as all of you guys know, I had my high school number retired.  I was pretty nervous about this since the day my coach told me that they were going to do this.  It was such a great honor that I can’t really put in words how I was truly feeling.  It was announced during the 5th inning of the alumni game.  So me being me, I thought, “Well I know I’m not going to pitch, but hey I was 3/17 in hitting this year so, hey I’ll hit and show the coach that he should have let me hit in high school” right?…Wrong!  When we landed at John Wayne airport, I turned on my phone and I had a text from Mike from Reynolds Sports Management (my agent’s company) and the conversation went something like this:
  Mike: “you’re not actually planning on playing in the game are you?” 
  Collin: “Well yea, no pitching but I wanna hit”  
  Mike: “you better call the office 714-298-****”
So I call the office and he says “your not planing on really hitting are you?” I say “ummm Yeah” so long story short he says absolutely no hitting because of the risk, which I totally get but I was a little bummed.  I was kinda sad that I had to be in regular clothes for everything instead of old HB gear like everyone else, but hey I would rather be ready for spring than hurt.
So Howie Clark and I get to throw out the first pitch and right at that moment I was thinking, “Man, this is really happening.”  It was awesome to see all the alumni at the game, some who I played with, some who had coached me, and some that had just graduated in 2007.  Wow, I thought there was a rule to what “alumni” meant.  I figured you had to wait at least 2 years to come back and play (haha).  So finally the 5th inning rolls around and I’ll tell you this, my coach did a great job writing up the introductions for both Howie and I.  He put in the best parts about my career, and left out the bad!  At the mound, Howie and I stood there waiting for the tarp to drop and reveal our banners and I realized that it was kinda an emotional day for us.  We talked about how much of an honor it was and how we felt about it, and as it dropped and I first laid my eyes on the banner I had the biggest smile on my face.  Right then I thought, “Wow, this really just happened.”  Afterwards, we both took pictures under our banners, for more people than I ever have in my life, (next to prom).  I was so happy that my whole family and my friends could be there with me to take it
all in.  


So I really want to thank all my family and friends that came, I really appreciate it so very much.  Most of all, I would like to thank my coach Benji Medure for the opportunity he gave me in high school, and for not for kicking me off the team like he threatened to do many times throughout high school (haha he knows what Im talking about).  So all and all it was a great weekend and I was very happy that I could share it with you all.
   Bally Star

Video of Me mic’ed up

   I totally forgot about this video, it’s funny and I know you guys will appreciate it.  It was a home game last season when MASN had a mic on me.  Enjoy

    MASN Video
  I promise there will be a new blog tomorrow I swear. 

Bally minute # 7

Well it’s been a little while since I wrote my last Bally Minute and I have had this one issue going through my mind for some time now. Now all of you out there know that I like to play video games. I really enjoy getting online and playing other humans, you know it’s quite fun. I really like to play Madden 09 online. When I first started playing I stunk really bad, but now that I have been practicing and getting better I can actually beat people and it makes me feel real good about myself. (haha). But here’s the problem I have with playing online; see the younger kids (you know them, the ones with the real high pitched voices) so now a day all that these kids want to do is win. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that but when I am beating them and they quit the game early and I don’t get the win and they don’t get the loss that’s where I start to get upset. I mean, come on, suck up your pride and just take the loss, like I have many of times, I know everyone out there that does play online knows what I’m talking about. Now people out there are going to read this and think to themselves, “Geez Bally are you some kind of nerd?” NO! I’m not. So I like to play some games after a long day… Sue me! It makes me calm, unless I lose haha. So I hope someone from Playstation reads this and does something about these kids that cheat and ruin all the fun. I’m really glad I got this off my chest.

-Syracuse blog will be up tonight.
-After the Super Bowl I will crown the Winner of the prizes.
-Trying to get a special guest on here that I will ask questions to, should be fun.
-Also I will be giving an inside look on how to make a surf board. Really cool.


-And a blog about long toss, and a program that has helped out my career so much.
So that’s a few things for you guys to look forward to. If you guys want to give me ideas on stuff you want me to write about, I would love to hear it. (unless you like hearing about my love for video games haha)
Have a good one guys.
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Help the Nationals’ “First Ladies” fight Alzheimer’s!

The Washington Nationals wives (and fiances too) are participating in the 
Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk during Spring Training.
Join our team and become a champion in the cause to end Alzheimer’s! The Alzheimer”s Association Memory Walk® is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease. The money we raise will go toward research to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, and programs to improve the lives of millions of Americans already affected.
Please follow this Link to help support their efforts in raising money through donations to battle Alzheimer’s.
Donate $5, $10, $100, $1000…
Every dollar counts!

Ballys Contest

So then there were 4, I want to hear from all of you guys. Give me who will win the games this weekend and the score, then the matchup in the super bowl. Its all for fun, so lets see who gets it right, the winner will get an autographed Ball plus a copy of The Bigs (courtesy of 2K Sports). The grand prize winner has to pick the winners and the score, If there’s no one who got that then I will have to see who’s the closest to that. So have fun and we will see who comes out on top. Good luck

Cardinals- 35
Eagles- 21
Warner goes off and Boldin comes back and catches 2 Touchdown passes.
Ravens- 14
Steelers- 10
Battle of the Defense’s Ravens D is just that much better.
Super Bowl
Cardinals cant deal with the Ravens Defense.
user91-The BIGS JUN 2007.jpg


Thank you 2K sports for being a big supporter of Ballys Blog. Check out the 2k sports website for all the best games outHere

Going Green

The other day I was surfing the web and I came across a website about recycling and going green and how important it is to do so. I have always felt that this country needs to do a better job of doing there part in recycling and keeping this world clean. So as I kept reading I come to find out that this site was run by Chris Dickerson, a player I played against the last few years. So this site is a bunch of athletes that are doing their part to make this world a better place to live in and showing everyone just how easy it is to just recycle and not make more waste. So I got a hold of Chris and now I am apart of the we play green team, I really think that everyone should look into this, because Global warming is not a joke and I really feel that this can help get information that all of us need out so that we can all do our part to make a change. Please check out the site and if you need any more info please contact Chris Dickerson, or comment me on here and we will all make a change for the good. Thanks

Also quick fact: I think that Nationals Park is the only Green stadium, so thats pretty cool.
Click Herefor the website
Bally Star

Bally Minute # 6

Setting Sail to the Bahamas


Well I’m back from my vacation and boy was it fun. I can honestly say that was one of the best, coolest places I have ever been to. The Bahamas was an unbelievable place from the white sand beaches to the clear blue water and the most beautiful colorful fishes you have ever seen. The first place we went was Freeport, Bahamas.

I really didn’t know what to expect because I have never seen any clear water beaches before in my life so I was really excited to get off the boat and check them out. All Ashley wanted to do was lay out all day with a Pina Colada in her hand, and is it just me or does laying out in

the sun get kinda boring? So I decided to walk the beach to the rental shop to rent a snorkle and a mask. I went in the crystal clear water and had to learn on the spot, and for all the people that have done it before know what I’m talking about, I mean it seems easy just put that thing in your mouth and look in the water and breathe right? NO! It’s not that easy let me tell you, I inhaled more salt water than I ever have in my life. But I got the hang of it and I swam around the ocean water and saw only 3 fish haha, but I did however find 3 beer bottles and a champagne bottle. So I did my part for the environment to keep the Bahamas clean.
Snorkeling Hangin Out in Port Lucaya
The next day we went to Nassau, Bahamasand we had a whole day planned there. We bought a day pass to Atlantis for the day. Let me tell you, Atlantis was the coolest places I have ever seen, I advise everyone out there to go to Atlantis. I mean its over 140 acres of fun. From water slides that go through shark tanks, to a lazy river that acts as a wave pool, river rapids, and slides. Not only do they have all kinds of slides, and pools but they have all kinds of lagoons and aquariums filled with all kinds of animals, it’s really amazing thats all I can say. Also while I was in Atlantis I saw Mark Kotsay and his family so that was kinda cool that we both were there at the same time. So Atlantis was awesome and all of you need to check it out on your next vacation.
Mayan Temple Slide at Atlantis


Shark Tank that the Slide Went Through


Atlantis. It’s HUGE
Best Tropical Drink Ever
Not the best cruise ship ever, but we had fun!

So now that all the vacations are over we have a month and a couple days till we report to spring training. I am ready for it to start I have been working hard this offseason and I cant wait to see all the guys and start another fun and exciting season. But actually before spring training I have one more event I am going to be doing. My high school coach called me and


told me that they will be retiring my jersey at my high school. I was shocked and very excited. So on January 24th Huntington Beach High School the high school I went toobviously haha (GO OILERS !!!) will be retiring mine and Gary Buckles and Howie Clarks jerseys, most of you would know Howie Clark he played with Baltimore, he was the guy when A-rod was running to third base and he yelled “I got it and Howie” thought it was his teammate and let it go you have to remember that one. So that will be an awesome time so I will have a good blog after that one with pictures and all that good stuff.
Also guys I really want to do some of those games or something like that to kinda give back but I really need ideas. I mean it doesn’t have to be anything great, just thought it would be fun to do something to give away those video games I got from 2k sports and some autographed stuff. So let me know, well it was great talking to you Bally fans as always so until next time, have a great night!
Bally Star

See Ya!!

  glass.half.full.jpg Hey everyone I have been trying to do a post for the last 4 or 5 days now and Im not sure what has been going on but it just has not been letting me submit my post.  Well anyway, can’t say I haven’t been trying haha.  Well I hope everyone out there had a great holiday season full of great memories with their loved ones, (I sound so professional).  Well its 2009 and ill tell you the truth, I really feel a difference.  I mean Im a guy who’s always looking at the glass as half full but since 2009 has come along Im looking at that same glass and its over flowing.  I think everyone should feel the same way I mean life is a beautiful thing, this is probably the only time you will ever hear any life advice from Bally but here I go.  My 3 most important things for everyone out there for 2009 is 1) Don’t stress over the little things in life 2) Live every day like it’s your last 3) Always smile and have a good time because it makes other people happy when all you do is smile and have fun.  It actually takes more energy and power to be mad and sad all the time so just use less energy and be happy. Yes I know that these 3 things are things that are easy and things that have been said before, I mean Im not Dr. Bally, coming out with some new age stuff to help out the world ( not yet anyways) but I was just giving you 3 things that help me out and that I try to do on a day to day basis.

   Well enough about that stuff, I want to talk about Christmas and New years.  For me Christmas was always a time where I was just happy that I was going to get the best presents and I really didn’t care less about what anyone else got.  Well over the last 4 or 5 years or so I have turned into the guy who tries to buy the best presents for everyone else and isn’t looking forward to getting anything in return.  It’s weird how that is now but let me tell you something over the last couple years I have been more happy when my sisters or dad and mom open a gift they really like and they have a big full smile on their face.  That makes me more happy than anything.  Now new years I have always liked because it has always been the night that we all have a reason to actually stay up till 12, I mean every other night I stay up till 12 is because Im playing video games (haha).

Lastly, I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas today so I will be gone for about 4 or 5 days and you know what that means, no blogs from Bally for a little bit, I mean I could buy the internet on the ship and write while Im on, I mean I like each and every one of you but not that much haha.  And I don’t think my fiance would be too happy if I was spending my vacation time glued to the internet.  But when I come back I have some good stories stored up and Im sure I will have plenty more from the vacation, plus 2k sports has been ever so kind to donate some sports video games to me, and as a gift to you Im going to be doing some sort of game/give away, the only thing I need from you guys is ideas as to what you guys want to play, I need full ideas not just yeah I want to play haha.  So Bally Claus is coming to town, you better get ready.

   Bally Star