Number 49

Well, I got a call this morning from our clubhouse manager, and he says “Hey Bally, Daniel Cabrera’s agent wants to know if he could have number 40. So I was thinking dang I would really like to keep number 40, that was my first number given to me, and kinda wanted to keep 1 number my whole career, but also thought to myself Cabrera is a veteran and I’m a rookie and this number probably means more for him to have it than for me to keep it so I said ok. So this year I will be number 49 and lets hope that it brings lots of good outings.

Bally Star


That was very classy of you to give up your number! I think the new number will be lucky for you. Good luck. Oh – the Nats patch is must nicer then the Mets!


Hey, wa y to luck out dudeboy 49 is 7 sevens eeeeeeehaw!!!!

Another class act by an awesome player and a outstanding teammate.
Lets get this Spring training thing going!! We all can’t wait to see you pitch.
Balester is at the Top of his class!!

That was a cool thing to do. Means now you’re going to have a good year, cause you have Karma on your side!😉 Plus #49 looks better than #40. Look forward to reading your blogs!

~King of Cali

Classy of you to give it up, as others have noted. Some pitchers who wore that number had it retired by their teams (Larry Dierker, Ron Guidry). You’ve already had one jersey retired. Who knows?😉

Bally – Congrats on being #20 on the latest Pro-blogger Leader’s List!


Collllin, bro…

Nice of you to give Cabrera your number. I’m curious, though…why didn’t he call you directly instead of going through his agent?
Anyway, I hope he gave you a nice gift in exchange for the number! (You know…a years supply of gum…some shark repellent…a new house right on the beach…)
Like others have said before me, Guidry wore that number. So did Tim Wakefield, Tom Candiotti, and John Rocker. (There’s a joke in there about two knuckleballers and a knucklehead, but I’m not smart enough to come up with one.)
Be good.

Nice move, Bally. Proves you’re a team player for sure and that’s what this is all about, right? Besides, one of my favorite players of all time has switched around numbers — Ken Griffey, Jr. And he’s still a HOFer no matter what number he wears.

good karma math:lucky 7 x lucky 7 = bally 49!

Colin, good job by you on deferring to the veteran. Now let’s hope you fare better with No. 49 than former Beltway hurler Armando Benitez.

Also, forgot to leave this “crumb,” lol:

Thanks, Collin. Now what am I going to do with this full-back tattoo of the scene of your first pitch in Nationals uniform? It took me 8-hours under the needle, now it’s completely ruined!

Awfully nice of you to give up your number. Was 41-48(I know 42 is, Jackie Robinson) taken? I would’ve taken 41 otherwise. 49 is an… odd number(double entendre?), but hey. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it a famous number.

Anyways, Nationals are one of my favorite teams. Hopefully, Collin, you could provide solid production throwing with the right arm to compliment Lannan and Olsen, the two lefties.

-EJ the Kid From New York

I saw something on the NATS320 blog on many players switching numbers:

For sure that was a standup thing to do and hopefully he appreciates it and helps to build a little more team comraderie. Veterans have earned such respect but it’s even better when young guys can get some love from them without having to ask. And definitely good karma coming your way.

That’s cool man go # 49. Hope spring training goes well. I hope you got a nice little incentive to switch numbers but if not that’s alright because it ain’t nothin’ but a number. Keep blogging as the season starts up…

Bally you make it easy to root for you. Mr. Bally Star #49 , you so it doesn’t flow off the tongue like water….

Vets usually give something to rookies for the number switch, maybe a year’s supply of MOXIE.

Mike from Maine where MOXIE is supreme.

Congrats to making it to #28 on the Latest Leader’s List!


I see that you (and your future dad-in-law) are back in the Post’s Sports Bog. Congrats.

Starting pitcher, Collin Balester is reportedly not who he says he is.
He is , in fact Julio Augusto DeValenzeula of Peru, and not from California , as has been listed. He has also been revealed to be 46 years old. LOL…

Wishing You a stellar , healthy year.
Chris Va. Beach, Va.
(Met you a billion times at Harbor Park..before you made the big time!)

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