April 2009

R.I.P Nick Adenhart

  This blog goes out to the Adenhart’s in this tough time, I know that this is late but I just wanted to write a blog and tell you how this tragic time has touched ball players everywhere.  I can only talk for our team, we were all watching Sportscenter and getting ready to watch the Masters and to start our season, not even knowing what happened in Anaheim the night before.  When the news passed threw the bottom line that morning our whole team couldn’t believe the horrible news, the shocked look on everyones face with that gloss in all our eyes.  I don’t think one person on our team new Nick on a personal level but it felt like we all did that day, he was a part of our baseball family and it felt like that we lost one of our family members.  I mean as a human being you don’t ever like to hear about anyone die or anything like that but when it happens like this it really hits home.  So our prayers go out to the Adenhart’s and to all the other 3 family’s involved.  



Hey guys, sorry that it has been so long in between blogs, I have been pretty busy and have lots of stuff to write about now so this could be a good thing (haha). I will be writing a nice blog tonight about the end of spring training, on the ride up to Syracuse, and on my thoughts of this team and how we are gonna do this year. So just hold back just a couple more hours and I promise a good blog tonight.