June 2009

WOW, Im Bad

Its been so long since my last blog, I kinda forgot how to do this haha. Anyways hows everyone doing, Im still just plugging away here in Syracuse. It has been an up and down season so far and I mean I started off pretty slow and really had to work hard to get out of that funk I was in. Personally I have been working on my mechanics so that I could stay taller as I deliver the pitch and make the ball have more of a down ward angle on it, so that is the thing I have been working on and the last 5 or 6 starts it has been working out and I feel great doing it now. As for this team man I really cant say that I have had more fun with any other team, this group of guys here are a lot of fun and we have been winning so thats always a plus. other than that so far I am just focusing on baseball and the wedding this off season and having a blast doing both : ). Well I know that this isn’t much since I haven’t blogged in over 2 months but I will try to do a better job, i cant keep making the excuse that I’m super busy haha. Plus Its my birthday so Happy Birthday to me haha..

Bally Star